Dry Stone Wall Construction

Dry Stone Wall Construction in Oxfordshire

The structural components of dry stone construction have remained tested and largely unchanged since the 5th century BC. It is a zero maintenance, self-draining form of construction, sustainable and often uses techniques which vary nationally and regionally. Built from natural materials dry stone walling has strong potential to improve the visual appeal, wildlife habitat and even the growth potential of your property and garden.

Dry stone construction requires a different, more complex set of skills than more common forms of building and there are both aesthetic and practical components to a successful structure, whether a restored old one or a newly built project. Richard Gray is a professional member of The Dry Stone Walling Association and has over 30 years of experience in building conservation. Hillrise Stonework is based in the Blenheim estate village of Bladon where hard limestone has been quarried since the Middle Ages and used for example to build some of the ancient Oxford Colleges.

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